Our Supporters 

Performing Ourselves was established with a  three-year  award from  Ira & Ineva Reilly Baldwin  Wisconsin Idea Endowment  at the University  of  Wisconsin-Madison  (UW).  Our  2017-18programming  is  supported  by  Dane  Arts,  Door Creek Church,  the Evjue Foundation,  Inc.,  the charitable arm of The Capital Times,  Madison4Kids, Movemeant Foundation,  the UW Dance Department, the UW School of Education’s Virginia Horne Henry Fund for Women’s Physical  Education and Movement, and many generous individuals.

Our past  donors include  American Girl Fund  for Children,  Evjue Foundation, Inc.,  the charitable arm of the Capital Times,  Ira & Ineva  Reilly  Baldwin  Wisconsin  Idea  Endowment,  Joyce  J. &  Gerald A. Bartell  Award  in  the  Arts,  Madison  Arts  Commission, Movemeant Foundation, Inc.,  UW Dance Department,  UW School of Education's Virginia Horne Henry Fund  for Women's Physical Education and Movement, Wisconsin Arts Board, and Wisconsin Center for Education Research.

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